Customer Service Guarantee

Nepean Community College has been awarded the ACE Endorsed Quality Award. We are committed to the provision of quality education and business training services. If at the completion of your training program you consider that the course did not cover the advertised content, please inform the College Principal in writing.

If you feel the College has been unjust and not acted in good faith in any issue including assessment, enrolment and course delivery, please address your concerns in the first instance to your Centre Coordinator or Program Manager. If you feel the matter remains unresolved you are encouraged to contact the Principal. In turn the Principal has the opportuntiy to take matters to the College Council as required.

At some stage during a course your tutor will ask you to complete an evaluation form. Your feedback is important to us. Evaluation forms may be handed to your tutor or sent in direct to the College office.

Recognition of Qualifications
Nepean Community College recognises the AQF qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by other Recognised Training Organisations throughout Australia. Nepean Community College recognises that adults in the community have achieved skills, knowledge and competence through a variety of life experiences. Therefore, it is an important part of our provision of accredited vocational education and training to offer recognition of these competencies through Credit Transfer and the Recognition of Prior Learning Process. Contact the College Office for more information or to explore the assessment process.

Appropriate qualifications are issued for accredited courses in line with the Standards for RTOs 2015, when a student has successfully demonstrated the competencies within a course. For general or non accredited courses a “Statement of Participation” is available.

Access to College Information
Contact Information collected by the College is used purely to communicate with you.
Statistical data is collected for compliance with State and National Government requirements and is provided anonymously without links to your contact information.
Your information is yours and the College will make available information collected from you on request.

Legislative Compliance
The College’s activities are governed by compliance with a range of legislative frameworks:
Key among these are:
Children & Young Persons (Care and Protection Act) 1988.
Disability Services Standards 2013
The Standards for NVR Registered Training Organsiations.

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