Warmth and Learning...

Warmth first and learning second. Perhaps an odd thing to say at the front of a catalogue of learning opportunities but none the less true.

Walk into a room with bare walls or into a room alive with art works or photographs. The difference is immediate.

This is also true of education and training. At the moment we enter the room there is little we have learnt of the subject that drew us to the room. But at that moment, welcomed by a tutor or trainer, being brought into a group of like minded people the foundations are laid.

It can often be that we take the journey alone, arrive in isolation with a personal interest and discover with others welcome, warmth and community in adult education.

The answer to why talk about that here is that internet, online, correspondence and reading a book all can impart information but in the pages that follow are over three hundred opportunities to experience the warmth that only comes from people gathering together.

Look for the Autumn Program in your Gazette or Star in the first week of April or search the program here.

Eric Wright


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