Never too late to learn.

As Autumn begins to take hold and that initial busyness that starts a year has passed it’s a great time to take stock and think about learning.
Its not too late to think about learning new skills, getting inspiration or moving on that productivity plan you’ve had for a while.
Not too late to look for a pathway to accredited training or support in a current qualification. We want to hear from you about the opportunities you see, the pathways you would like to take and the barriers you have to turning them into reality.
The College has also developed computer training capacity over twenty years dating back to the Computer Literacy Skills Program in 1989 and the Nepean Internet Search Skills Project in 1994.
As the Digital Enterprise program moves from funded to fee based the College remains ready to facilitate your Digital Enterprise Readiness self assessment free of charge to guide your choice of training and make available those years of experience in delivering training.
Have a look at the Centre For Office Productivity but remember all the courses in this program be packaged into a pathway for you through the Centre for Social Inclusion if you qualify for the NSW Government funded programs.

Eric Wright


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