Change Time...

In science, a Moment is the turning effect of a force. Scissors and claw hammers both use moments in the scientific sense.
Increasingly Moments are being spoken of in marketing, from Google’s Zero Moment of Truth to the latest expression of Micro Moments, brief points in time, where decisions are made and information needed.
Underlying both the science and marketing is change. A moment can be that point in time where change happens.
Personal change, social change and organisational change are all waiting in the pages of the College’s Winter Program.
Personal Change where I recently read one young person’s reflection on a College program. That the course was a moment in time for change, for growing up, was crystal clear. From “street kid” to grown up and working in business administration.
Finally with Social Change the foundations of commerce, health care and social networks are shifting. Digital Literacy and the Digital Hub are part of that change and create pathways to participation in the digital world.
Then there is Organisational Change where the humble Excel Spreadsheet or Word document makes an organisation more productive today than yesterday.
A decision to train in a moment in time.

Eric Wright


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