Pathways to Opportunity.

Skills, knowledge, ideas, networks are all things you can put to work to create opportunity. Since its inception the College has sought to create those lifelong, life wide learning opportunities.
Too often however we look at the surface and think only as far as topics or subjects.
In reality in every meeting place of College tutors and learners there are stories told, friendships formed, ideas and experience shared.
All together they provide fertile ground to create your own opportunities.
The College is also taking a closer look inside the courses it offers to learn more about our learners and to develop new paths to opportunity.
We want to hear from you about the opportunities you see, the pathways you would like to take and the barriers you have to turning them into reality.
If the College set you on a path in the past we would also like to hear about how that happened to learn how best we can create pathways to opportunity at every turn.
Write to me at or give me a call to begin a conversation about your aspirations or experience.

Eric Wright


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