Risk Being Creative …

Creating something out of nothing is a tall order and yet every day we put things together in new ways.
That new way may not be a world first but just one thing that’s new for ourselves.
Now matter how creative we are though, creation is always from something and new ways are often untested for us even though they seem second nature to others. The new combinations are risky. Confronting our limitations to see something new is risky.
You might well ask what has this to do with Community College ?
The answer is simple enough.
This College Program is full of your personal building blocks for creativity. Those little things like new skills, new ideas and new found competence that are the building blocks of new ways.
This College Program is also full of people. Taking risks together is so much easier than taking them alone. Seeing those who have accomplished creative endeavours can be encouraging when shared.
So here is one resolution for the dilemma. Take the risk with others and get the building blocks for your own creativity.
Flip through the program and Risk Being Creative with a group of like minded people at your Community College.

Eric Wright


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