Connect with Networks, Learn through Stories, Grow with Skills.

Connect, Learn and Grow. Three simple things that you will experience when you take a step into Community College.
Whether it’s an art, a craft, information technology, a language, skills for business, English language, communication, a health program or pursuing an interest, on day one of your connection with Communtiy College you’ll connect with like minded people.
That connection will grow as people share their knowledge, experience and stories.
It may be that you participate in a two hour Digital Enterprise Seminar, a one day workshop, an eight week short course or register your interest in a longer journey to a full qualification. Whichever it is you won’t be alone and you’ll have the opportunity to connect, share and grow.
So take the time to look deeper into the Winter program, look over the program on the web and you’ll find a surprising range of opportunities.
Or call to discuss your particular interests, get added to mail list to learn later or discuss the possibilities we haven’t thought of.

Full Certificate Courses and Pathways
There are currently 111 people participating the full Certificate programs in the College from Certificate III in Disability through to the Certificate IV Traingin and Education.
If you are interested in exploring your opportunities to get a recognised industry qualification call us and we can register your expression of interest.
Alongside these people are another 115 in Language, Literacy and Foundaiton Skills programs preparing for full qualifications. So why not get in touch andtalk to us about your needs and aspirations.

Week by Week Programs.
At the other end of spectrum you may be in the situation where you’ve never enrolled in a College course because you can’t commit to 8 weeks.
There are now week by week registrations in selected courses.
So if you only have a few weeks but still want to learn some Chinese Cooking but aren’t too keen on congee or have a commitment that week you can opt for weekly enrolments.
Look for course duration of 1 or 2 week for these courses.

Foundation Skills
The most basic and essential skills for employment have been packaged in the Certificate programs and Nepean Community College is now taking expressions of interest if you are interested in participating and organisations who would like to incorporate these in their workforce development.
Watch this space for more information coming through on
Access to Vocational Pathways
Skills for Vocational Pathways
Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways

Eric Wright


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