Set Your Course . . .

Perhaps it’s the storms and flooding on my mind, but it occurred to me that life, after two years of Coronavirus disruptions, has left the community with some things gone, some things out of place and a sense that I’m looking at the aftermath of a storm.
One response we can have is to set a course, charting a way out and re-create.
With setting a course comes a sense of purpose.
Also, and perhaps because of its frequent presence in the national conversation, the idea of Commonwealth springs to mind.
Not the form of our government but its origin in the idea of the “common weal” of collective purpose for good.
This is purpose in community and I remember that the College exists precisely to offer you an invitation to set a course in common with others and experience community along way.
Right now this seems more important than ever.
So whether you are looking to connect with others, looking for skills to change direction, find work or indulge a natural inclination to learn, look through the program here and why not set yourself a course with a course.

Eric Wright,


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