The Joys of Learning…

Reading course evaluations from the College’s courses, I’m pleasantly reminded of the joy participants find in their learning.
Here a few of the thousands of comments that echo that sentiment.
“Well paced, things were gone over in class so easier to understand”
“Casual, relaxed atmosphere and hands on assistance”
“It gave the complete journey from concept to publication”
“The technique, atmosphere, the experience of the teacher”
“Creative, fun and good exercise (using muscles not used before), challenging “
“It broadened my ideas, opened up new possibilities”
“Social side, recipes. Atmosphere”
“The workbook. and the structure I was able to see what was required and do it”
“It was great! Very structured in content and interactive. Lots of class participation.”
What comes through is an approach to teaching and learning that is unique in it’s ability to inspire and reinforce learning.
What’s less well known is that being part of the culture of community education and being a result of what our tutors bring to their work means that the capability is portable.
While not advertised in this brochure the College can also bring that expertise to workplaces for work force development.
So if you see it here we can bring it to you and have the flexibility to design the experience to your needs.
Or simply flip through the pages, think about what you would enjoy and join in with the others you see above.

Eric Wright


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