Winter Ways to Learn..

Bare trees, thin cloud and pale skies tell us winter is definitely here and indoors is an attractive place to be.
So there is no better time to act on that interest you might have had for some time but not taken forward.
I could tell you of the amazing, skills, tips, ideas and knowledge you could pick up from the workshops, seminars and courses in this program but it’s better to let the students themselves speak.
Of photography Nicole Craigh says - “Everything that I wanted to know and learn was covered in this course. In a way it was like we were taking a risk and were encouraged to learn. It was good to get our head around experimenting and exploring the camera.”
Of Portugesue Wendy Simpson says - “I am going to Brazil next year and needed to learn Portuguese.
Our teacher Sonia was fantastic! She made the course relevant and was really interested in why we were all learning. She tried to make our reason for learning fit around what we were going to do. She was great!”
And of the Digital Enterprise program Anne Kennedy says - “The facilitators were wonderful. Approachable, patient, focussed and endlessly helpful......So, thank you to whoever organised the funding for us here out in the West. Absolute lifesaver.”

Eric Wright


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