Naming the Possibilities...

In his book Community: The Structure of Belonging, Peter Block talks of a change strategy that involves naming the possibilities in any given scenario.
Reflecting on this, it occurs to me that this is central to what Community College means. Every time you make decision or even talk about joining a program or starting one you’re naming possibilities.
In 2016 the College is adding to range of possibilities for the community with the addition of full qualifications through Smart and Skilled.
The possibilities for Tech Savvy Seniors has also grown with the growth in the partnership with Penrith City Library to include the Tech Savvy Seniors program along side the Digital Hub.
Lastly it’s important not to forget that every step into learning is Naming a Possibility, whether its a computer, art, cooking or DIY course. Every one adds to the possibilities in your life the day you walk into the room and meet others with a like mind.


Eric Wright


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