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Work Life

Job Seeking And Interview Skills

Starts 2 August 2024

The aim of this course is to train participants to effectively look for employment utilising available resources. Have you been unsuccessful in gaining the job of your dreams? Do you want to know the "secret" that will turn that around? This workshop will prepare you to be job ready. You will gain confidence in communication and interview techniques as well as how to write your job application letter and resume.

Work Life

LinkedIn for Business

Establishing a presence for your business on Linkedin is an excellent way to build your brand awareness. Create a profile that will allow your business to connect with new networks as you join the over 53 million users currently on Linkedin. Workshop no concessions.

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Facebook for Business

More than 1 million people use Facebook. Marketing on Facebook will help your business to create relationships and find new customers. Learn how to deliver your message to the right audience and improve your brand awareness online by creating engaging and compelling Facebook advertisements that will reach the right audience. Workshop no concessions.

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Self Development and Modern Day Etiquette

Starts 30 July 2024

In this fun Self-Development and Modern-Day Etiquette course, students will emerge with an enhanced sense of self-awareness, polished interpersonal skills, the ability to shine in social situations with the skills of modern day etiquette and unlocking their inner strengths to achieve their goals with confidence. Students will engage in dynamic comprehensive sessions that blend self-discovery with practical skills, empowering you to radiate confidence in any situation. Each person's journey is personal, this course is designed to help navigate you through social landscapes to achieve your goal be it career focused, meeting a partner, socialising, finessing your personal style or self-discovery.

Work Life

Dress to Impress : Men Only

Starts 28 June 2024

Looking good makes you feel good. Spend a day learning how to choose clothes and accessories that compliment your body shape, image and colouring so that you look more confident, streamlined and in proportion. Learn how to buy clothes and suits that fit correctly and how to develop a wardrobe to suit your lifestyle and budget. Included in the cost of this workshop is the "Suit Yourself" workbook.